Interpreters and Translators

Passageway is an interpreting and translating agency that has totally specialised in the area of market research. For more than 20 years we have been providing both simultaneous interpretation during focus groups and interviews as well as written translations of quantitative and qualitative checklists, questionnaires, reports, presentations and other documents…


  • specialises in market research
  • handles varied research subject matter, from health care/pharmaceuticals to FMCG, from insurance/banking to IT/ICT
  • works with a small team of professionals
  • interpreters can be hired flexibly per project or even per group
  • can advise how interpretation and translation can be arranged in the most effective and economical way
  • interprets ‘live’ on location during research
  • interprets real time via Internet
  • interprets subsequent to the research using digital recordings when, for example, interviews are done at locations where it is difficult for an interpreter and listener to be present
  • has highly qualified interpreters and/or translators of Dutch to English, French, German and other languages
  • translators and interpreters are all experienced in working for market research, which requires an extraordinary degree of specialisation, flexibility and energy


Our Interpreters

  • clearly communicate the content of the respondents’ remarks,
  • and do this with feeling and in the spirit of the research
  • Our goal:
    When a focus group draws to a close, the persons listening to the simultaneous spoken translation join in the discussion of the results as though they had heard the original Dutch version.

Our Translators

  • render presentations and reports and into another language in a relatively short time while maintaining the ‘feel’ of the original
  • do this without losing any of the content and quality
  • Our goal:
    A translated presentation or document is the same as the original in every way except for the language.

We are a member of the MOA, the Dutch market research association.